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Welcome to Bloom Medical!

We are one of Southern California’s premiere medical spa destinations located in Whittier. Our mission at Bloom Medical is to provide our patients with quality skin care treatments suited to each individual’s lifestyle, skin type and expectations. We perform non-invasive to minimally invasive cosmetic and dermatologic procedures which provide gratifying and long-lasting results, virtually eliminating the need for painful plastic surgery.

Bloom Medical has been offering aesthetic treatments for patients since 2005. Our physicians have been using lasers and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) therapies since 1997. Our physicians not only strive to provide their patients’ with the best personal experience, but also a high quality of service, using the latest techniques and most advanced technology.

We at Bloom Medical strive to obtain the best results possible based on the needs of each patient. We ensure that our patients feel comfortable in a caring and medical-based setting. All of our highly effective procedures are performed in our clinic by our Board Certified Physician(s) or our physician supervised Registered Nurse, allowing us to provide you with long-lasting aesthetic improvements. We offer a range of services from cosmetic procedures such as Botox, skin tightening, laser hair removal, and skin rejuvenation, to medical treatments for some of the most common dermatological complaints including acne, acne scars, sun damage, freckles, moles, Rosacea and much more.



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Congratulations to Dr. Mohammedi for winning Best Aesthetic Doctor in Southern California 2015 at The Aesthetic Academy.

Congratulations to Dr. Mohammedi for winning Best Aesthetic Doctor in Southern California 2015 at The Aesthetic Academy.


So proud and excited for Dr. Mohammedi and Bloom Medical Group to be awarded with Best Aesthetic Doctor in Southern California 2015.


  • I’m AMAZED that this [Voluma] procedure improved other areas as well as the intended area. SO HAPPY!!
    D.A. 8/28/2014,
  • I wanted to look perfect for my wedding day. Dr. Mohammedi helped me achieve a flawless, glowing look by doing several microderms and IPL to correct my acne and sun damaged skin. He is really detailed and thorough. On my wedding day I was so thankful I went to him. I felt so much more confident walking down the aisle. Thank you so much!!! I would recommend him to all the brides-to-be.
  • I've been coming here for almost a year now. Due to high stress levels, fluctuating hormones, and negligence to my routine...disaster hit my face. I needed to get someone to fix what over the counter products wouldn't. I have really fair, sensitive skin. It tends to get red easily with certain ingredients. I'm still not sure what was causing all my skin troubles, but bottom line: Dr. Mohammedi will help you form a gameplan with a realistic outcome. The staff is wonderful as well! Jenny is super awesome and Patty does great with making sure you don't forget your appointments. You won't feel like another number in a waiting room. However, the wait time is inconsistent. I don't mind it at all because I know that results cannot be rushed. As soon as I've saved up some more, laser hair removal, and perhaps fix some of that tell tale evidence of rapid weight loss...
    M.S. 3/5/2011,
  • I live in the LA area but a friend referred me to this place and I'm happy she did. I had a few dark spots on my face that I needed removed and while I was there I even had had a hair removal treatment done as well. I didn't plan on it but I'm glad I had it done. Great job!! This office has such a nice staff and it feels so warm and fuzzy inside =o) Not cold and stale like so many offices. I recommend this place to anyone looking to have any cosmetic treatment done. It's an excellent choice!!
  • I went to see Dr. Mohammedi for the fine wrinkles on my forehead and my acne. I was a little bit hesitant at first but he made me feel so comfortable. He really understands dermatology. He educated me on how to take better care of my skin. He also listened to my concerns and frustrations with my skin instead of trying to sell me stuff. He designed a plan to help me correct my problem acne and wrinkles. I have had two IPL treatments and two microderms for my acne. And OMG i am breaking out less!! I love it!!!!! The redness and scarring has also diminished. I just want to say thanks Dr. Mohammedi for making me feeling better about my complexion.
    E.A. 5/8/2014,
  • I came in to see what Dr. Mohammedi could do for my adult acne and scarring. I've been to many places including high end medi-spas in Beverly Hills and expensive Dermatologist offices in NYC, and I loved the results at Bloom Medical Group! Dr. Mohammedi has the latest laser equipment that non physicians won't have access to and understands my asian skin. While most doctors are too timid to do anything effective on my face, but still charge me an arm and leg for each ineffective treatment, Dr. Mohammedi knew how far he could push the laser to make sure it was effective. I came for IPL laser treatments and high grade microdermabrasion that most medi-spas don't have . My acne decreased significantly and my face was glowing afterwards. It is a bit of a trek from LA, but it's worth it for something you can see results for. He really listens to your concerns and explains everything clearly to all your questions, with a great staff to boot. Highly recommended for at least a consultation!
    M.O. 10/6/2014,
  • Laser hiar revmoal is very easy, quick, and not painful. Dr. Mohammedi and staff are very friendly!
  • Dr. Mohammedi and Jenny are very helpful. They make me feel comfortable and always address my concerns. Dr. Mohammedi has worked really hard to find the best treatment for me to give me the best results possible.
    C.C. 9/3/2014,
  • Thank you so much for my new look!! My skin has never looked better. I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do for me with the other treatments. Thanks.
  • Thank you for making me feel beautiful again Dr. Mohammedi. After having had acne problems for most of my life, you’ve help me get my confidence back. I will be forever grateful for you work and what you’ve done for me.

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