Four Reasons You Will Love Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Few people enjoy having to shave their legs or bikini area on a regular basis. In fact, many find it to be a nuisance. If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend shaving, laser hair removal may be the perfect solution in Whittier, CA. Board-certified family physician Dr. Nasir Mohammedi and the specialists at Bloom Medical Group make it easy to get started.

Laser hair removal uses advanced beams of light to remove unwanted or excess hair. Treatments are fast, simple, and offer long-lasting results. Here are four reasons why you will love laser hair removal treatment at our facility.

1. Laser hair removal is quick and easy

While shaving once or twice a week can be easy, it's also time-consuming. You may spend hours shopping for the appropriate razors and shaving cream, then time for actual shaving and clean-up. With laser hair removal, all of this is taken care of in a fraction of the time. In fact, most of our patients attend quick laser sessions during a lunch break, so their schedule is not disrupted in any way. You'll begin to see results almost immediately once the lasers start to work.

2. Laser treatment is safer for your skin

Shaving often causes uncomfortable cuts and razor bumps that are not healthy for your skin. Other people get ingrown hairs that are hard to get rid of. Waxing may be long-lasting, but it can be painful and leave you with uncomfortable rashes and damaged skin. Laser hair removal is a much safer way to get rid of excess hair and enjoy smoother skin. The technology we have at Bloom Medical Group also ensures that the laser won't burn or cut your skin in any way.

3. Laser hair removal is accurate and precise

Traditional shaving can cause us to miss certain hairs or entire areas altogether, meaning you may look unkempt if you're not careful. In contrast, laser treatments with Dr. Mohammedi in Whittier, CA are extremely precise and can target the follicles of specific hairs. Our lasers go straight to the root, stopping the regrowth process fast. You'll be able to maintain the appearance you desire with less hassle.

4. Laser hair removal is affordable

Shaving seems cheap but can be costly in the long run. Razors, cream, and other supplies need to be replaced regularly. Plus, you spend money treating ingrown hairs, razor burns, and other problems that come with shaving. With laser treatment, all of this is taken care of in one affordable package. Our professionals at Bloom Medical Group understand that many of our patients work within budgets, which is why we offer frequent specials and discounts that make it easy to get started.

Remove or reduce excess hair

Do you want a safe, affordable, and long-lasting solution to your unwanted hair woes? Our aesthetic specialists at Bloom Medical Group are excited to offer cutting-edge laser hair removal in Whittier, CA. Dr. Nasir Mohammedi can perform a quick assessment and create a personalized plan to reduce hair in one or more body areas. This is one beauty treatment you won't want to miss out on, so make your appointment today.

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