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What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. Over time they may diminish, but will not disappear completely. Stretch marks form during pregnancy, usually during the last trimester, and usually on the belly, but also commonly occurring on the breasts, thighs, hips, lower back, and buttocks. Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis. This is often from the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or rapid weight changes. Stretch marks may also be influenced by hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, and bodybuilding.

There is no evidence that creams used during pregnancy prevent stretch marks.

Striae, or "stretch marks", begin as reddish or purple lesions, which can appear anywhere on the body, but are most likely to appear in places where larger amounts of fat are stored; the most common places are the abdomen (especially near the navel), breasts, upper arms, underarms, back, thighs (both inner and outer), hips, and buttocks. Over time, they tend to atrophy and lose pigmentation. The affected areas appear empty and are soft to the touch.

Stretch marks occur in the dermis, the resilient middle tissue layer that helps the skin retain its shape.

What Are The Benefits Of Stretch Mark Removal?

Whether your stretch marks were caused by pregnancy, weight gain, or muscle growth, stretch mark removal in Whittier, CA at Bloom Medical Group can help you achieve clearer, smoother skin with benefits like:

  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of a variety of stretch marks
  • Works for multiple body areas
  • Smooths and softens the skin
  • Boosts confidence and self-image
  • Allows you to wear more types of clothing
  • Safe and effective for all skin types and tones
  • No downtime or recovery period

What can I expect after stretch mark removal?

After your stretch mark removal at Bloom Medical Group, you will not have much downtime. The treatment areas may feel warm or hot, but should not prevent you from carrying on with your everyday life. Stretch mark removal is helpful for significantly alleviating the perceptibility of stretch marks. After your treatment, your indented marks are not expected to come back. But it's worth noting that the aging process or weight fluctuations might lead to the development of additional stretch marks.

Am I A Candidate For Stretch Mark Removal?

Stretch mark removal at Bloom Medical Group can benefit both women and men, creating smoother, clearer skin by treating a variety of stretch marks caused by:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Muscle gain

Ideal candidates are typically in good overall health and include most skin tones. During your consultation, Dr. Mohammedi or a member of his experienced team will examine your skin and review your medical history to ensure this treatment is right for you.

Stretch Mark Removal FAQ

How much does stretch mark removal cost?

The overall price of stretch mark removal can vary from one patient to another based on their unique needs and goals. During your consultation, we can assess your situation before developing a custom treatment plan, at which point we will be able to offer an in-depth estimate of the cost.

Is stretch mark removal covered by medical insurance?

Unfortunately, due to the procedure's classification as an elective treatment, stretch mark removal is not covered by medical insurance. However, we can work with our patients in order to develop a treatment and financing plan that fits within their budgets.

Are the results of stretch mark removal permanent?

Provided the patient remains at the same weight, the results of this procedure are considered to be permanent. However, if the patient gains a significant amount of weight, it can dilute these results. For this reason, we usually don't recommend for women to undergo stretch mark removal until after they have finished growing their families.

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Get Smoother, Clearer Skin

If you're tired of seeing annoying discolored stretch marks that keep you from wearing the clothes you want or feeling confident about your appearance, do something about it. No matter if your stretch marks are caused by pregnancy, weight gain, or something else, Dr. Nasir Mohammedi can help you get the clearer, smoother skin you want with a personalized stretch mark removal treatment. If you're in the Whittier, CA area, contact Bloom Medical Group today to learn more and schedule a private consultation. Let us treat your stretch marks to help you get back to loving the skin you're in.

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