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Removal of Tattoos

Laser tattoo removal is the only clinically proven method of removing a tattoo without causing scarring. For more than a decade, Q-switched lasers have been designed to create ultra-short pulses of light energy that shatter ink in a tattoo to allow the body to absorb and get rid of the tattoo ink within weeks of the treatment. Usually, 1 to 3 treatments are required based on the color, depth, and amount of ink in the tattoo.

Tattoo removal lasers produce specific wavelengths of light that have been proven to be absorbed by certain colors of tattoo ink while avoiding damage to surrounding skin tissue and chromophores (such as melanin and hemoglobin). When the laser energy is applied for the right length of time, at the right level of energy, and in the proper wavelength, the tattoo ink is selectively targeted.

Each wavelength corresponds to a certain range of tattoo ink colors, which is why different types of tattoo removal lasers are available. The most popular wavelengths used for tattoo removal are 1064nm and 532nm, which can both be achieved with a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser.


A laser can produce the right wavelengths of light, but unless this energy is applied for the right length of time and with sufficient power, the desired effect will not be achieved.

Tattoo ink can be difficult to shatter and remove, and only Q-switched lasers are able to produce sufficient fluence (energy or power) to remove dark and bright tattoos without unattractive side effects like scarring. Q-switched laser pulses last only nanoseconds (billionths of a second), providing high levels of fluency for quality ink shattering. Learn more about Q-switch laser technology here.

At Bloom Medical, we use the latest technology that allows for the best ink removal, with the least discomfort, with the fewest treatment sessions.

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